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Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Meeting

 9:15 Set up your computer
 9:30 Beginners Lesson 4, Top Downloads, Seven programs that should be considered by every computer owner.

10:30 General meeting:  Downloading and installing Top Downloads

HaroldLast week meeting review:  

We covered a lot of important and complex procedures last week. I feel you must try what will work for you at home, on your own to be able to use when the time arises.
Back up basics: using Windows Explorer (Windows key + E key), expose the folders to you in the left panel that you want to copy your files into. That folder may be on your C: drive if you are organizing your hard drive.
If you are backing up, It may be on your E:, F:, G: etc. drive. If you are backing up you may want to create a folder on your backup media indicating the word backup and date IE: "backup130206" YYMMDD or what ever works for you. This folder is created when you click on its drive letter in the left panel, let go and move up to the upper part of the screen and clicking on New Folder. Go directly to your keyboard and type in the name you select for the new folder (Where you will store your backup)
Preparing for backup, Starting with your C: drive (not your library), open with the "+" symbol next to User, Your Name, (Still in the left panel).
If you want to backup all the contents in My Documents, click on the word My Documents in the left panel and its contents will apear in the right panel.
Note: You can only copy contents in the right panel to the left panel.
Selecting files to backup, You now must select the folders and or files in the right panel to be copied to someplace in the left panne.  You may click on the first one, scroll down to the bottom and click on the bottom one while holding down the Shift key to select all. (Shortcut: Click any folder on the right then hold down the Ctrl key while tapping the A key will select all.) (Shortcut: If you want to select certain folders scattered throughout, hold down the Ctrl key while you click on the files to be selected).
Once the files are selected in the right panel, you may copy them into the clipboard by right clicking on any file selected then clicking on copy.
Doing the backup, You must display the folder you named backup with date in the left panel. You may RIGHT click on the folder name and select copy. It may take a few seconde to minutes till the copy is completed. While the backup is running, their may be some dialog boxes pop up that you must answer to continue. Read them carefully and answer them to do the backups. There may be a check box near the bottom that you may check to do what you select to several files.


Warning: 81 Apps Accessed My Personal Info Online

Greg Westby Greg West, APCUG Advisor for Regions 6 and International User Groups; Vice President, Sarnia Computer User Group, Canada

gregwest (at)

When I scanned Google for invasive Apps I found six Apps that were non-Google apps that had access to my personal information. Who is accessing your personal info?

Scary...It should be.

Wired magazine agrees. “You may trust Google to keep your mail safe,” but would you trust an interesting startup app by unknown college kids? Wired asks you to also consider what a disgruntled employee can do or even “an engineer working in his 20 percent time [at Google maybe]” Here is a must read detailing this topic:

Not scared yet?

Do you use Facebook? Is it secured? Of course, you went into Facebook’s security settings and set them all. Even if you did, are you sure someone is not peeking into your personal life, still? You bet they are.

I scanned my computer and found 81 “intrusive Apps” in Facebook alone and they could access my personal information in various degrees. Here is what I found intrusive Apps could do with my Facebook data:

66 apps can use my name somewhere
81 apps have access to my personal info
5 apps know my home location
2 apps are able to access my contacts
51 apps can access my 24/7 Facebook app
52 apps have access to my media and files

The Naked Security blog, by Sophros, one of the leading security and antivirus companies, says, “Of course, there are many legitimate apps and websites which you can give permission to connect with your account - but that doesn't mean you have to have a free-for-all [in downloading them].” Sophros goes on to say that apps that you give permissions to are potentially not safe anymore, “And, in the case of Facebook, it could put your friends' information at risk, as well.” One reason is the free-for-all way many simply give their info to anyone out there. Here is another must read:

OK, so what can we do?” The big tech guns such as Mashable, Tim O’Reilly, Techzilla, MNSBC and many more, recommend this free and amazing software app “MyPermissions.” This program scans your computer (and no, they don’t have any accesses) for all invasive apps on your computer and/or mobile devices. After the scan you are given the complete list of apps that are a possible threat and gives the number of how many can access what information.

Now you can click on the icons of the apps listed and go through and remove apps you do not trust. In my case I simply clicked the “Nuke All Intrusive Apps” button and after several minutes all apps were removed. Of course you don’t have to go to this extreme if you want to go through each app and alter settings. I will add them back on a need-to- have basis.

Wired magazine listed ways for you to “Stay Safe”:

Clean up your app permissions, especially ones you no longer use.

Think before you authorize an app. Put on your detective hat and research the app.

Whenever in doubt, change your password in the given program.

To get the “MyPermissions” software go to: You can find video tutorials at

APP OF THE MONTH - This is an easy way to set up an online conference call with up to 15 people. It is fast and free and the best part is the clarity of screenshots and video. The screen resolution, by far, beats Skype. Screen sharing is easy to use and is great for showing family members photos or videos and giving your business people a PowerPoint presentation without leaving your home. I have been helping Rayjon Sarnia ( who is planning on using this for some of their presentations to organize their missions to Haiti. To see how works, watch this video from the Wall Street Journal:

Greg is an APCUG, Advisor for Regions 6 and International User Groups. He can be reached at

For more tech help:

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