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Bulletin for week of MARCH 24, 2013

Every Wednesday

Library Room
Program or Lesson
9:30 - 10:30
One on One Help


If you would like to meet in a small group to discuss special computer related subjects or form a Special Interest Group lets discuss it.

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Our weekly program or lesson is intended
to be of interest to all computer users.
Following the program an allotment of time will
be available for one on one help to those
who want a better understanding of something done
 during the presentation.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday March 27, 2013 Meeting
 9:15 AM Set up your computer
 9:30 AM Lesson
10:30 AM One on One help

Interesting Sites to Visit on the Internet

Nancy Preffitt, Member, ICON Users Group, MO

December 2012 issue, The ICON        ngpreffitt (at)


If you find it difficult to set aside time to read a good book, this site is for you. Daily Lit offers a ”novel” solution! It emails chapters of a selected book to you every day thus allowing you to read in smaller increments. Just browse the database for a book you want to read, enter your email address, and click subscribe. Choose from best-selling and award-winning titles, literary fiction and romance to language learning and science fiction. The site also features forums, where you can discuss your favorite books and authors.



Remember Yahtzee? You can now play on your PC. It’s a single person game in this version. You can even download it as a portable app and store it on a thumb drive. It’s a geekly site – as are most open source sites – but it’s easy to download and enjoy without a hassle.


It seems that the older we get, the more prescriptions we have. Your doctor or pharmacist may give you basic instructions (or not) but if you have an odd ache or rash or something, what should you do? The Physicians’ Desk Reference is what doctors use and you can get it online to acquire more information about drug reactions and interactions, etc. 

Check it out at http://

There’s a site just for consumers which may be more understandable at


Make sure it's one you'll like by visiting Rotten Tomatoes first. It takes a look at dozens of films now playing at theaters, and collects reviews from major critics. It also lets readers rank the movies, which might provide the best indication of the movie's quality.


Interesting Internet Finds

SteveSteve Costello, President/Editor, Boca Raton Computer Society, Inc., FL

January 2013 issue, Boca Bits      editor (at)

In the course of going through the more than 200 news feeds in my Google Reader, I often run across things that I think might be of interest to other user group members.

The following are some items I found interesting during the months of November and December 2012.

(Long URLs shortened with the Google URL shortener )

Shockwave keeps crashing. What can I do to fix it?

I'm drowning in spam. What can I do?

How to back up your Samsung Android phone to PC

The Assumptions You Make About Your Slow PC (and Why They’re Probably Wrong)

HTG Explains: What’s the Difference Between CC and BCC When Sending an Email?

15 WordPress User Errors That Make You Look Silly [Infographic]

3 changes you should make in the Options dialog box of PowerPoint

HTG Explains: What You Can (and Can’t) Do on the Desktop in Windows RT

Rid Your PC Of Outdated Bookmarks, Duplicate Files, Broken Shortcuts & Empty Folders [Windows]

How To Connect a USB Keyboard To Your Android Phone

OTT Explains – Is It Better to Log Into Websites using Facebook, Google or Twitter Accounts?

How can I read an epub formatted book on a Kindle?

eBooks, Remote Control & Other Creative Uses For Dropbox That You Haven’t Thought Of

Why can't I send mail from my hotel room?

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