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If you would like to meet in a small group to discuss special computer related subjects or form a Special Interest Group lets discuss it.

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Wednesday November 6, 2013 Meeting
 9:15 AM Set up your computer
 9:30 AM Lesson
10:30 AM One on One help

Four times a year the (APCUG) Assoition of Personal Computer Users Group offers classes on line for member clubs. We are a member of the APCUG. The presenters of the classes are the best of the best clubs nationwide. Each lesson will be very informative and lasts about 50 minutes.
On Saturday, November 2nd, the first clsss will began at Noon Central time. There are 2 classes running at the same time. Just select the one that interests you. At 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM additional classes are available.
See below to register a day or so early. You will get an e-mail with instructions to get to the site. Just go there using your computer as each class is about to begin.

2013 Fall Virtual Technology Conference

Saturday, November 2, 1:00 - 5:00 pm ET, Noon till 4:00 pm CT


Attend a FREE conference from the convenience of your own home! 

Register at

Presentation Details @

Track 1

How to create a Bootable Flash Drive

What in the heck is Access?

Are we under Cyber Attack?

How to Write a Good Software Review


Track 2

Evernote – What is it?

Upgrading Your Computer to a Solid State Drive

Hidden Stuff in iOS7 and Apps You Should Definitely Have


Many user groups make a day of it and meet at a member’s house to watch the presentations – laptops & headsets with 10 minutes of conversation & munchies or ?? between presentations. They then give a short recap of the presentations they ‘attended’ at their next meeting. 

Virtual Technology Conference Committee

Computer Entertainment

By Jim Cerny, Director, Sarasota PC Users Group, FL

August 2013 issue, PC Monitor        jimcerny123 (at)

Are you old enough to remember sitting around watching the radio and listening to The Lone Ranger or other programs? Then came TV, movies, records, tapes, and DVDs. We all have our favorite forms of entertainment and entertainers. I am sure most of you have already used your computer, tablet or phone for some kind of entertainment, but I thought it might be helpful (i.e. entertaining?) for you if I gave you a quick overview of the almost infinite entertainment possibilities with computer devices. For the purpose of this article I will assume you have a computer, tablet, or phone connected to the internet. I am sure you will find the following ideas fun and entertaining:

YouTube – one of my favorites. You do not have to join anything or get an ID or password, just go to the You Tube website at and in the search box at the top enter in anything you like and hit the “Enter” key. You can enter an actor, TV show, name, event, topic, or news item. Be prepared to get a list of videos you can watch that can take all day. Rarely is an “app” so easy to use and so much fun! To watch a video, just click on it (or touch it on a touch-screen and it should start playing in a few moments. While playing, you can use the controls to pause or drag to any point in the video.

Google Earth – You can download this free through the Google website. (If you don’t know how to get to the Google website there is no hope for you at all, please donate your computer today to our refurbishing group.) Google has many tools that are entertaining and fun, but one of my favorites is Google Earth. When it begins you see a slowly spinning earth that you appear to be approaching from outer space. Use your finger on the touch-screen or your mouse to rotate the earth or stop it from spinning. Zoom in or out using your fingers to pinch or spread, or use your mouse wheel or the zoom in-out bar. Try zooming in on Disney World in Orlando and you can see the parks and the people. You can’t quite read a car license plate, but it’s pretty close. Many cities have 3D rendered buildings and you can fly right between them if you want. Explore your planet and checkout the many options available.

Free games – Whatever games you enjoy you can bet there are computer versions of them. Many are free. On the Google search website, enter in the search bar the word “free” followed by whatever game you are interested in. You will get quite a list. Be aware, however, that some “free” games may ask you to register or set up an account. I never do this – I have too many accounts and passwords to keep track of as it is. Some games on the internet you can play with or against other people all over the world. I generally prefer to play against the computer instead of a real person. When you do find a website that allows you to play a game right on the internet for free, you can be sure there will be some advertising. It may be on the border at the edge of the game screen or window, or it may appear as “pop-up” windows. Carefully click your mouse or tap your finger on the “X” (wherever it is, usually in the upper right) to close the window. If you miss the “X” and hit any other part of the window you will probably be sent to another window with more advertising. But do not be afraid, the internet is all about advertizing you know, just click on the next “X” you see to remove the unwanted window or ad.

TV and Radio Stations – Use Google to find your favorite radio or TV programs (current or from days gone by) and see what you find. Many current TV and radio programs can be viewed or listened to on the station’s internet site.

The whole idea of all this is to consider your computer a window to the world—the present and the past. Don’t be afraid to search and explore, you will find fun and amazing things. Give yourself a time limit, otherwise you will find the hours slipping by and missing meals. Oops, look at the time! I think I just missed dinner.

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