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SandyWindows 8.1, iOS7 and Other Updates

By Sandy Berger, Compu-KISS       sandy (at)

Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” It seems that this is the mantra of today’s high tech world. The quest for perfection brings almost constant change. If you use Windows 8 or an Apple mobile device, you will want to read about the changes you need to make.

You get up in the morning and find that your Gmail looks different than it did yesterday. You get an announcement that there is an update to another program that you use every day. Get used to it. Change in the high tech world is inevitable. Most of the time the upgrades and updates bring added security, so you don’t want to stay with the old. You must move on.

This is what many people found with two recent updates. Apple updated their mobile operating system to iOS 7 and Microsoft updated Windows 8 to 8.1. Both of these updates are free for users who owned previous versions. Both add excellent features and increased security. However, both require the users to learn about how to use the new functionality. And, as usual, the user is given no instructions on how to upgrade or how to manage the new programs.

With previous upgrades of Windows, Microsoft performed the update for you if your computer was set to receive automatic updates. Windows 8.1 is different. You must visit the Microsoft Store to initiate the update. Just look for the green Store tile in your Start Screen. Then click on the Windows 8.1 banner in the Store.

Allow at least an hour for the update. When the installation is complete, you will be presented with the familiar color tile Start screen, but there are many subtle differences. First, if you want to search for something, you simply start typing what you want to search for. The search window automatically appears. What is different is that now Windows will search everywhere for you. You no longer have to tell it to search apps, files, etc. Windows will even search the Internet for you and present you with the results in one window.

Another change in Windows 8.1 gives you the ability to boot directly to the Desktop instead of the colorful Windows Start screen. Unfortunately, this option is fairly hidden. To turn it on you will have to go to the Desktop and right-click on the toolbar on the bottom. Choose the Navigation option where you will see the choice to go to the Desktop instead of Start on sign in. You will also see other new choices in this area. They can be turned on and off at will, so feel free to play with them, if you like.

Several apps have also changed with Windows 8.1. One important change is that if you install a new app, it won’t automatically show up on the Start screen. You will have to go to the All Apps page, right-click on the app and choose “Pin to Start” to have it show up there.

Apple’s new operating system also brings many changes. If you are using a newer iPhone or iPad and you see a small red circle with a number in it above the Settings icon, this is the indication that there is an update available for your operating system. Tap on Settings, then General, then look for the update and give your permission to download and install it.

If this is the update for iOS 7, once complete you will notice that the icons and screens look quite different. This is a good thing since they have improved the clarity of the text and icons. Again, however, there are a few things to learn. In previous versions of iOS, you quit apps by double-clicking the Home button and holding down icons until they jiggled. Now when you double-click Home, you will be presented with all of the running apps as rectangular “cards”. To stop an app, just put your finger on the card and flick it off the screen with an upward motion.

The Search on these Apple devices has also changed dramatically. You used to search by moving to the page to the left of the home screen, but that page is gone in iOS7. In order to start a search on your iPhone or iPad with iOS7, put your finger in the middle of the screen and swipe in a downward motion. This will bring up the Search screen and keyboard where you can enter your search terms.

Actually all of these changes are good. Just keep repeating that to yourself as you encounter frustrations at the new way of doing things. Remember change is good and you are on the path to perfection!

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