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Upcoming Events

Wednesday FEBRUARY 17, 2016 Meeting in the Library
 8:45 AM Set up your computer
 9:00 AM Lesson
10:00 AM One on One help

Saturday February 20, 2016. On Line Lessons by APCUG

APCUG’s FREE 2016 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) will be held on Saturday, February 20, from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Eastern Time (Noon – 4pm Central time). The sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via Q&A; the questions are answered by the presenter at the end of the presentation or via e-mail if there isn’t enough time after the presentation.

 Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel

 To register for this VTC, please click on the link:

 Below are the sessions that are currently scheduled.

 Laptops, Greg Skalka, President, Under the Computer Hood User Group. Do you have a middle-aged laptop? Greg has given a series of presentations for his group on how to upgrade a laptop. This is the first one: How to upgrade the RAM.

 Utilizing iCloud on the iPad, Sheila Bigel, Member, Central Florida Computer Society. The iPad uses iCloud to share data between devices, both iOS and non-iOS. This data includes photos, email, contacts, calendars, app settings, and more. This is a discussion of the many options for sharing data including Family sharing, Photostream, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Photo Sharing, iCloud Drive, etc. We will specify options that use iCloud Storage and the current cost of purchasing additional storage.

 The Gramps Project, Orv Beach, SoCal Linux Expo. Research, organize and share your family tree with Gramps, a free software project and community.

 Customizing Windows 10, Hewie Poplock, APCUG Representative, Central Florida Computer Society. Learn how to customize Windows 10 so it works for you: the Desktop, Start Menu, Task bar, security / privacy options, and more.

 If you would like further information, please send an email to

 Judy Taylour, Chair

SandyApple & Amazon to Vie for Best Streaming Device

Sandy Berger, CompuKISS,,          sandy (at)

Cord cutters and television and movie fans will soon be rejoicing. Last October, two fantastic new streaming devices will be released.

At $99.99, the new version of Amazon’s Fire TV has Alexa, the voice assistant of the Amazon Echo built-in. This allows you to check sports scores and get information just by verbally asking. You are able to just say the name of the show you want to watch. You can also use it to stream Amazon Prime music. This new Fire TV is also a gaming device with over 800 games and there is also a gaming version with a game controller for $139. The new Fire TV will be able to stream 4K TV even if you don’t have a 4K TV.

Siri provides an intelligent voice search for the new Apple TV. Siri will search across multiple apps. So all you have to do is say “Play “Blacklist” and she will search through your apps and start it whether it is on Hulu, Netflix, ABC, or HBO Go (as long as you subscribe to these.) A great “What did she say?” feature will replay the video for the last 15 seconds so you can hear the audio that you missed. This Apple TV also gives you weather and sports scores, schedules & stats including MLB TV. Hockey will be added in 2016 and in these sports you can zoom in and actually scroll between two games at once. The new Apple TV also has access to iTunes music and games including Guitar Hero and many others that you can play on your phone & transfer to your TV even if you are in the middle of a game. The new Apple TV has also incorporated shopping websites. It doesn’t currently play videos from Amazon Prime and it doesn’t support 4K transmissions.

The remote control on the new Apple TV is touch sensitive, so you can just scroll quickly through choices by moving your finger across the remote. That alone is ground-breaking. At $149 to $199 the Apple TV is also affordable.

By the way, Apple will allow the old Apple TV to remain on the market for $69. Don’t buy it. It is totally outdated technology. Save your pennies for the new versions of either of these two streaming devices.

AUD Mini6 Party

Review by George Harding, Treasurer, Tucson Computer Society, AZ georgehardingsbd (at)

When you have a party, you want music. And how do you get it? Not with your iPhone, at least not if you want to hear it above the party noise! Instead, you use the AUD Mini6 Party external Bluetooth speaker.

This is a really neat device! It plays your music, of course, from your iPhone, other smartphone, your Apple smartwatch, an MP3 player or any other device that has Bluetooth capability.

Bluetooth has been around for quite a while but has improved over the years to the point that today it transmits data faithfully. It still requires pairing with your device, but that’s pretty easy. Once you have your device turned on with Bluetooth running on your iPhone or whatever, you look under Bluetooth in Settings and wait for the two to hook up. It usually takes a minute or so.

Once paired, you can play your songs through the AUD Mini6 Party. You do this for several reasons.

First, the quality of the songs is much better than through the iPhone alone. While the sound is quite good from the iPhone, considering the size of the speakers (tiny), it can be much better. This external speaker gives you higher highs and lower lows, for more enjoyable listening.

Second, the volume through the iPhone tends to distort as the volume increases. If you are having a party, or just listening on your patio, you will want more volume without distortion. The AUD Mini6 Party gives you just that. I tested the frequency response with several of my songs, testing both the distortion at low frequency and at high frequency. I noted some distortion at low frequencies, but none at the high end. The stated frequency response range is 200Hz to 20KHz.

Third, you can answer your calls through the speaker, even if your songs are playing. There is a microphone built in to the speaker so you can hear and respond to a phone conversation.

Fourth, the controls are the essence of simplicity! One button turns on the speaker (a sound tells you that there is a connection with your phone), another increases volume, another decreases volume, each also moves forward or back to other songs. There is also a button to press when you receive a call.

Fifth, a delightful feature of the AUD Mini6 Party speaker is the lighted panel, which not only changes with volume levels, but also presents a changing display of colored lights to enhance your listening pleasure. A last button allows you to change the display to seven different ones, or to turn off the display.

The design of the speaker is compact. The unit I was given to review is black, about an inch thick and its length and width are about the same as an iPhone. It’s easy to handle and to pack.

The kit includes speaker, cable for charging the internal battery and a Quick Start Guide. The QSG is brief and contains mainly pictures rather than text. The contents are printed in English and seven other languages.

About: AUD Mini6 Party,        Manufacturer: iLuv,

HaroldCopyright Infringements

By Harold Buechly,    Editor,        Trails End Computer Club,

We feel bad when we hear of someone losing a hundred dollars or so to a criminal who makes promises to fix your broken computer. Upon receiving the funds, the criminal will take control of your computer with your permission then really destroy it, Steal your identity and other personal information on your computer and put software on your computer allowing the criminal access to your computer at any time they want.

How about those that may lose many hundreds of thousands of dollars we do not hear about.

I am not an attorney and I am not issuing advice other than be very careful what you publish whether it be text, drawings, images, music or anything that others have created is automatically copyrited whether it says copyright or not. The EULA (end users license agreement) that you may have to agree to to load the item onto your computer is a legal document , written by attorneys.
Is it possible that traps are set that we may trigger by publishing something on Facebook, Youtube, Craigs List and other sites?
All documents will contain a unique series of words ( a phrase) that can be found by Googling that phrase by putting the phrase in quotation marks.
If you are ever accused of a copyright infringement with a demand for you to apologize for doing so, contact your attorney at once without apologizing. You cannot apologize without admitting guilt.

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