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JANUARY Due to the lack of bulletins published during DECEMBER AND JANUARY I  am trying to publish extra articles of interest at this time.
FEBRUARY 5   Due to the lack of bulletins published during DECEMBER AND JANUARY I  am tryng to publish extra articles of interest at this time. 
FEBRUARY 12  Device Transparency  By Eric Moore, President, Computer Users’ Group of Greeley, CO.
Windows 10: 3 by 3 By Cary Quinn, President, P*PCompAS (Pikes Peak Application Computer Society), Colorado.
Find your Tech Support Match
By Nancy DeMarte, 1st Vice President, Sarasota Technology User Group, FL
FEBRUARY 19  Open Source Lab - Keeping Up with Open Source. By Cal Esneault, former President of CCCC.
7 Everyday Technology Skills Every Boomer (and up) Should Have
By Pam Holland, President and Instructor, TechMoxie
FEBRUARY 26    A Bit of This - A Bit of That  By Greg Skalka, President, Under the Hood Computer User Group, CA          president (at)

 All About Streaming By Pam Holland, President & Instructor, TechMoxie,   Pam (at)

MARCH 5    Apple COREner  By Gary Roerig, Front Range PC Users Group.
Using Windows (File) Explorer -- Deleting Multiple Files at One Time  
By Jim Cerny, Chairman, Forums Committee, Sarasota Technology UG, Florida


JANUARY 4 Turning Your Computer Off or On  and Power Options
JANUARY 11 Windows 8.1 Downloading.
My Favorite Android Apps.
JANUARY 18 Federal Agencies Post Security Warnings and Recommendations for Mobile Phones.
Music and Video files: Modify them to your needs.
JANUARY 25 Computing in the Cloud: MS One Drive.
Uninterpretable Power Supplies.
FEBRUARY 1 Computing in the Cloud: Securing and Sharing in MS OneDrive,
Windows 8.1 Advanced Tools
On Line Computer Lessons Offered by APCUG
FEBRUARY 8   Back to Basics, Tips for Using Your Keyboard
Microsoft to release Windows 10 - FREE to many users.
FEBRUARY 15  It Takes a Village (of Devices to meet my Computer needs.

Amazon Prime Streaming Media takes on Netflix.
FEBRUARY 22  Music and Video Files: Modify them to your needs.
March 1  10 Tips for Online Shopping Safety.
Back to Basic, Finding Programs on Your Computer
March 8 Microsoft 10 by Dan Douglas,
What Exactly is Linux by Stuart Jones
March 15 Windows 8/8.1 Corner, Are You Safe from Cyber Attack?
APRIL A good Computer for $200. Tablets for Mobile Computing.
MAY Nibblers, A list of interesting web sites;
Back to Basics, Travel With Technology
JUNE What are Websites doing With Your personal Information,
Tech Support Scam - Received your Tech Support Calls lately?
JULY The Best Virus Protection ...ever - Newly Detected Security Bug Threatens Secure Web Connections.
AUGUST Freeware / Open source SIG by Steve Costello.
Windows 10 for PCs and Tablets by Ira Wilsker.
SEPTEMBER  Where to get Instructions for your new Device by Sandy Berger.
Turning off your Computer, I-Pad ans I-Phone.
OCTOBER  Drive for Change - Installing a Laptop Hybrid Drive.
7 Short Tips for Word Users.
NOVEMBER New Project Fi Wireless Phone Service Available from Google by Ira Wilsker.
10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft by Bob Rankin.
NOVEMBER 29 Secure Your Online Accounts With Two Factor Authentication (FREE) by Ira Wilsker,
Cloud Computing - An Ephemeral Concept By Phil Sorrentino.
DECEMBER 6 Edge – Microsoft’s New Web  Browser By Sandy Berger,
Back to Basics - Fun With Spreadsheets by Jim Cerny, Keep Ypur PC Clean by Merle Nicholson
DECEMBER 13 Holiday Shopping Season Opens with New Malware Targeting Credit Cards, and Android Tablets factory Infected with Malware By Ira Wilsker, Password Generation Hint By Jerry Goldstein,
Back To Basics, Saving a File By Jim Cerny.
DECEMBER 20 Phone Service without Paying byTom Kuklinski.
Microsoft Upgrading Windows 10
May "Automatically" Upgrade Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10 By Ira Wilsker
DECEMBER 27 Message from Bill, To SSD or not to SSD by Phil Sorrentino.


JANUARY 3 New Charging and Data Transfer USB-C Cables by Ira Wilsker.
Have a Website—Now What? By Joe Asling.
JANUARY 10  First Experiences with Google's
Project Fi Cell Phone Service By Ira Wilsker. 
Apple News, Printing Stuff By Bill Crowe.
JANUARY 17  The "Internet of Things" by Ira Wilsker.
Downloading Vs. Streaming – What’s the Difference? By Phil Sorrentino
JANUARY 24  Cutting the Cable?  Alternatives to Cable and Satellite TV by Ira Wilsker.
Digital Photography Tips & Tricks By Spike Smith

JANUARY 31  On line lessons by APCUG,
Acronis True Immage Cloud, a Major Advantage by Bart Koslow,
Insert and Sign...No need to Swipe - EMV Credit Cards.
FEBRUARY 7 On line lessons by APCUG . 
Backups are needed for all devices.
FEBRUARY 14   On line lessons by APCUG,
Apple and Amazon Best Streaming Device,
AUD Mini6 Party, Copyright nfringements
FEBRUARY 21 More Sources of Free and Deeply Discounted Software and Apps by Ira Wilsker
FEBRUARY 28 What are Websites doing with Your Personal Information By Ira Wilsker.
Choosing The Right Computer By Melanie Birnbon.
MARCH 6 Snipping Tool By Nancy DeMarteh.
The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld By Jamie Bartlett.
MARCH 13 Look in the sky! It's a bird, it's a's a Drone! By Mike Hancock.
My Chrome away from home By Greg Skalka.
APRIL The Year in Perspective By Andrew  Cummins.
Ooma Telo, What is it, How it works, My Experiences with it.
MAY On line lessons, Free 2016 Spring Virtual Technology Conference May 7.
Wi-Fi Security - John Adams
JUNE Continuous Ink Supply Systems By David Kazmer,
Looking Back to See Forward By Greg Skalka,
Building or Buying a Computer in 2016 By Bart Koslow.
JULY Streaming Media By Len Nasman, Editor, Bristol Village Computer Club
Recording Your TV Shows - How-to Options By Phil Sorrentino, The Computer Club, Florida.
AUGUST Back toBasics - Taking Photos with YOUR iPad (and iPhone) By Jim Cerny.
Stepping up your Internet Privacy and Security by Mike Hancock.
SEPTEMBER Interactive Tracking Web Site, World Wide Ocean Ships By Doug Palmer.
Nibblers Compiled By Jeannine Sloan
OCTOBER The webmaster - To Be or Noy To Be by Harold Buechly,
Using Bluetooth on your Smartphone and Tablet By Julie Maheffay,
Using Foreign Characters in Passwords By Martin Arbagi.
NOVEMBER The Fall 2016 Virtual Technology Conference (On line computer lessons) Presented by APCUG.
Changing to another Email Service by Jim Cerny.
Communications - Voice and Digital - All in one package by Pill Sorrentino.
NOVEMBER 13 The Winter weekly meetings startup is this week. Bill reports this will be a special meeting to plan the programs and activities of the club.
Harold suggests that we do a better job in sharing our experiences so we can learn from one another. He also wonders if the members get enough out of the bulletins and if it and the web site should continue..
Computer Attacks by Dick Mayback of the Brookdale Computer user Group.
NOVEMBER 27 The PDF File Type - What and Why?  By Phil Sorrentino.  Bock to Basics, Your Internet Connection.
DECEMBER 4 Special guest speaker , Our own Linda Stainer Has a presentation on Apple I-Pad / I-Phone to be continued December 14, January 11 and 18th.
Back to Basics - Apple TV for more TV Viewing Options.
UPS is changing as technology advances.

JANUARY  7  Apple - Google     Tip Corner
JANUARY 14  Free TV and Movies,  
Windows 8 - A first look
JANUARY 21  Free subscription to high quality newsletters,
Winfows 8
JANUARY 28  Learn to use PAINT,
Free E-Books and Online classes
FEBRUARY 3  Applications  accessed my personal info online. Review last week
FEBRUARY 11 Are We Really Under Cyber Attack, Snipping Tool

FEBRUARY 17 More on Libre Office
FEBRUARY 24  Elmer Mateychuck Presentation & HDTV
What to buy, by Sandy Berger
MARCH 3  Windows Q & A by Mary Phillips,
Backup & Restore W7 by Phil Sorrentino
MARCH 10  Back to Basics, USB port,

First step in Windows 8
MARCH 17  Back Again, Phone Scammers
MARCH 24  Interesting Sites to Visit on the Internet
APRIL  Tablets Review, The Tipp Corner   PDF
MAY  New Technology Replaces Old,
If You Agree, Check The Square Bix,
Who's Driving This Bus PDF
JUNE What has your computer been doing?

Free utility shows all. PDF
JULY  Multiple Uses for your Webcam - Both the Good and the Bad. PDF
AUGUST  Freeware, Internet Alerts Can Keep You Informed,
What Are File Types PDF
SEPTEMBER  Free System Maintenance utilities,
Magnetic Ink,
Windows 8 PDF
OCTOBER  Free and Deeply Discounted software and Web Sites of Interest.
NOVEMBER 3 Online learing by APCUG,

Computer Entertainment By Jim Cerny
NOVEMBER 10 Free Fax Service,

CriptoLocker Extortion
NOVEMBER 17 CD-R and DVD+–R Longevity: How Long Will They Last?  
Some Thoughts on Windows 8 PDF
NOVEMBER 24 How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book,
Apps for Windows 8. PDF
DECEMBER 1 Phishing, the #1 web threat, 
Preserving Memories. PDF
DECEMBER 8 How to find a loss document,
Network Debugging PDF
DECEMBER 15 Alternative Landline Telephone Service Part 1 PDF
DECEMBER 22 Alternative Landline Telephone Service Part 2,
Windows 8, New App Control
DECEMBER 29 The Tip Corner, Interesting Internet Finds.


JANUARY  5  I/O, I/O, It's off to work we go,
Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP and Office 2003.
JANUARY  12  Fun With Your Scanner,
Free Microsoft Fix Ir Solution Center.
JANUARY  19  Using a Publishing Program or a Word Processor.
JANUARY  26  Speed up Windows Boot by Stopping Unnessary Programs.
FEBRUARY  2  Small Appliances, New Target for Hackers.
FEBRUARY  9  Windows 7 Libraries
FEBRUARY  16 Keeping your friend
FEBRUARY  23 Large Selection of Free Backup Utilities
MARCH 2  Clouded Jugement, Cloud Stoeage
MARCH 9  Backup and Disk Cloning
MARCH 16 Windows 8.1, iSO7 and Other Updates
MARCH 23  Chromecast –Watch On-line entertainment on your big screen TV
MARCH 23  Chromecast –Watch On-line entertainment on your big screen TV
APRIL  Live CD - Rom
MAY  Heartbleed Vulnerability, APCUG on line meeting, Apcug quarterly report.
JUNE  Portable Digital Storage, What is a Captcha, Online guidt to Fix Almost Anything
JULY  2TB Cloud Storage, Cloud Computing.
AUGUST  Better way to Store Your Files, Ted
SEPTEMBER  Backup, Computer Problems
OCTOBER  New 2015 Security Releases.
NOVEMBER  Androids and Cellphone Map Software,  Google Voice.
NOVEMBER 30  Merging Photos, Hidden tabs in Microsoft Office
DECEMBER 7  How Safe Are WiFi Hotspots, Free Speech on the Internet, and More
DECEMBER 14  How to Recover a "Crashed " System, Windows 7 and 8 -
Back to Basics, Many Ways to Get Help
DECEMBER 21  Google Chromecast -Inexpensive Competitor to Cable and Satellite, Easy Basic Backups.