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Lesson 4 - - - Top Downloads

Desk IconsI feel the 7 programs listed at the left, should be considered by every computer owner. They have all been in use for many years and have been improved upon by the original developer and other contributors throughout the world.
Each of these are listed on our clubs site . Click on Top Downloads from our home page.
Each has a brief description there with a link that provides more information and a download site.

My main concern, is not the program you want to download but what may come along with it if you do not very carefully read what it says concerning additional software being loaded on your computer.
During the installation there may be a pre checked box that allows the additional software to be loaded. Just watch for it and remove the check mark.
This normally is not harmful software but may be nuisance software like task bars in your browser etc.

You can get a review of these programs and many other subjects at the Wikipedia site.

There are lots of programs that may be downloaded and installed at no cost to the user. They range in quality from extremely poor and sometimes damaging to you or your computer, to outstanding, useful and helpful.
How do you decide what is good and what is bad? Even those writing and recommending certain programs may very well be wrong. Some writers may be so anxious to to get their article out to the publishers that they may just report what the developer says about their product without ever installing or using the product.
Who or what can we depend on to be directed in the right direction?
Wikipedia site is a free on line encyclopedia in many languages created in 2001 and now has over 29 million pages. There are over 70,000 contributors writing and updating over 22 million articles in 285 languages, articles of which over 4 million articles are in English.