Trails End Computer Club

Lesson 9 - - Catchup

Libre Office offers many templates and extensions.

Template is a ready to insert your data into various programs within the suite of office programs.

You may want to create a family calendar that has the US holidays already entered and allows you to enter additional information any day of the year. Birthdays, anniversary and other family special dates. There is also a Canadian calendar.

How about a check book register that adds, subtracts and totals accurately.

If you don't use the templates, you will see how some of the program functions work. Go to and/or

Google Search offers many services to us mostly without charge to us. Google search is the backbone of Google Inc. They gather data by looking at millions of web pages daily and selecting key words to store in their database. When you enter a search word or words it finds the web sites that contain those words within the text on the page or the webmaster may enter key words in what is called a meta tag containing up to 50 key words.

Google and other search engines ignore capital letters and most special characters as well as 2-3 letter words. Keep in mind just to enter key words in your search.

Google will place at the top of the list when you enter a short phrase in “quotation marks” that you want to find on a page. IE your “john doe”. Google will display results where the word John and Doe are next to each other and avoid a list of names that both john and doe are in but separated by other names or words.

Google Voice, You are assigned a local telephone number. When a friend uses that number, Google will ring the phone of your choice. You may change your phone to ring anytime. If you do not answer, the caller may leave a voice message. Google will translate the voice into text words and send you an email with callers message in text and a link to hear the voice message. Free calls to US and Canada for you. Free Telephone Number. Free call forwarding.