Trails End Computer Club


Libre Office is a suite of 6 office applications that is open source and free to use. Most notable is a feature rich word processor (Writer), spread sheet (Calc), Presentation (Impress) plus Draw, Math and Base. Available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Libre Office has been in development over 20 years by a large and devoted world wide community of developers. If you are at all familiar with other such programs, you will find the switch familiar and painless. 

Ifranview  will do much more than just view images. It will correct color, brightness, contrast, resize, rotate, flip, crop, insert text, Acquire from scanner, create slide show.

Gimp All though it has a elevated learning curve, It should be part of your photo manipulating arsenal. Its loaded with features and tools found only in the high end programs. It may be used to fix or correct most any problem even with photo's and artwork hundreds of years old.    

Belarc  Will scan your computer and tell you a surprising amount of information about it.

Firefox browser   One of the most popular web browsers available. 

Google Chrome Browser  Fast, free and versatile web browser.

Google Earth  lets you fly anywhere on earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.

CCleaner by Piriform Strong medicine for your computer. Consider using only after you have a good backup and are willing to reinstall Windows if CCleaner doesn't fix a problem computer. You may select a few items or many things you want it to do. 

NVU  HTML editor for creating and editing web pages. Available for Windows, Mack and Linux machines, it is a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get. It functions much like a word processor therefor easy to understand and use.

ANTI VIRUS Of the many AV available with various service levels, from free to about $100.00 annually it is a challenge to select which is best for you. The more you pay you can expect more service with less interaction on your part. The free AV software may require you to be more involved in keeping it working most effective by updating it regularly, doing the scanning of your system and taking an active roll in cleaning any problems found. The paid AV software automates most operations in the background and includes several additional protections. The following AV have been available for years and score above average protection in independent testing laboratories. Try one, try them all, but only one at a time. If more than one live antivirus is active on your computer, they will conflict with each other and bring your computer to a halt.

AVG free & paid

AVAST free & paid

BITDEFENDER free & paid

ADW CLEANER free by xplode 

MALWAREBYTES free & paid